Angeli Marc



The works of the Belgian Marc Angeli reveal an investigation of the conditions of painting as a process. In a protracted procedure, Angeli “treats” his pictorial media – these are virtually always a matter of individual pieces of wood that he’s found – with various materials. The contribution made by the wood to the ultimate image is not exhausted by its materiality, i.e. by its color, consistency and thickness. Indeed, other factors, such the original purpose of the wooden objects (e.g. their being a part of a stained oak barrel or a piece of a board), also play an important role in the appearance of the individual works.

Since the middle of the 1980s, Angeli has incorporated other natural materials along with his wooden substrates, including animal glue, oil, red wine, milk and pigments. The result is that every image is based on a unique, non-reproducible mixture of pigments that determines both the color and the consistency of the various layers.

The reality of the materials and their processing is made visible in Angeli’s paintings. This other reality is equal to the aesthetic reality of the image, which is perceived differently by each beholder.