Flexboj & L.A.



Flexboj & L.A. is an artist duo consisting of Nathan van de Vijver  (BE, 1995) and Landert Allaert (BE,1995) living and working in Belgium. Over the past years their work evolved a lot. The main reason for that was the search for the best possible painting. In that search they realized that eventually everything can become a work of art. From a classical masterpiece you see in a museum to a candy bar wrapper you find on the streets. The images they deploy from various sources, high culture and low culture, are remixed and manipulated together. By putting image and text together Flexboj & L.A. ridicule the ‘sacred’ art world and themselves. The subject of many of their paintings is ‘making art’. The reason for that subject is a constant poetic dialog they are having with the art world they find themselves in. Even though it often happens that works are made separately, and are not a direct collaboration on one canvas, they will always be ‘made together’ in the sense that the paintings are always a collaborative effort in ideas.

 Text: galleryviewer.com