De Clerck Marlies

Heist, 1988


Marlies De Clerck (Heist BE, 1988) works and lives in Brussels. De Clerck’s painting often have a direct link to the Belgian sense of humour and irony. Obviousnesses and customs are taken out of context and re-actualised. The everyday is isolated and reinterpreted. Painting as a mirror for our existence.  In the group show ‘Reflections in Transition’ at Barbé Urbain gallery, De Clerck shows a series of paintings representing horses.

The paradox of them being the universal symbol of freedom, detained by a human presence outside of the canvas, is not only an investigation into the change of the status of the theme, but also a personal investigation into the tradition of painting itself.The titles of the works refer to characters from liturature and popular culture.

In December 2019 Marlies De Clerck had her solo ‘Slice Of Life’ at M HKA (INBOX), was laureate and was awarded the honorable mention at ArtContest, Bxl and in 2017 finished her Residency Cité Internationale Des Art, Paris.